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Welcome to Sizzling Historical Romance.

From Sensual to Steamy, Spicy and Erotic,

you'll find History, Heart and Heat in this collection of books. 

This is not a sale site, nor a review site, but rather a miscellany of my favorite books,

shelved in no particular order in my ever-expanding library.

I'm a picky reader and in my opinion - keeping in mind my preferences and

predilections - all of these books are wonderful in our own unique way. 

Please stay a while and peruse My Library at your leisure.

If you find some of your favorites, chances are we share the same taste.

If you fancy feminine fripperies, pop into the Boutique

and browse the corsets and fans and frilly whatnots.

*All of the books and items in the boutique are linked to Amazon

because I'm loyal that way -I shop at Amazon, read on a Kindle 

and publish exclusively through KDP .

**And all of my books are included because I'm shameless that way.

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